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Majority Leader McConnell Comments on President’s State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address:


“I was proud to attend President Trump’s State of the Union address and hear him discuss the crucial work we’re doing together for the American people.

“For three years, Republicans in Congress have partnered with the President to keep America strong and safe and create record-setting prosperity for working families across the country.

“For three years, we’ve worked together to push pro-worker, pro-family policies to bring jobs, wage growth, and hope back to the places the Obama economy left behind.

“The results have been a truly all-American comeback. Unemployment has reached a 50-year low. Seven million more people are working. And wages have risen the fastest for the lowest-income workers.

“Republicans have focused on securing our borders, strengthening our military, reinforcing our allies, and facing down anyone who threatens our nation overseas. We are rebuilding and modernizing the world’s greatest Armed Forces, standing with Israel, and eliminating terrorist leaders who have the blood of our young men and women on their hands.

“I’ve been especially proud to partner with the President as we transform the federal courts for a generation, confirming historic numbers of well-qualified new judges who believe in the quaint notion that the job of a judge is actually to follow the law.

“I’m the only Congressional leader not from New York or California. So I’m especially proud to fight for Middle America and Kentucky most of all. And we are winning.

“Kentucky workers making everything from cars to bourbon are thriving. The President’s new USMCA trade deal will provide even more tailwinds. And I am proud that, following hundreds of millions of dollars in funding that I’ve directed to the fight against the opioid and substance abuse crisis, Kentucky recently saw our largest decrease in fatal drug overdoses in a decade.

“We know there is much more to do. We need to keep working to strengthen our nation, keep socialism at bay, and fight to protect the most vulnerable in our society, starting with the unborn.

“So I look forward to continuing to work with President Trump on all of this. But today, with three years of major results under our belts, I couldn’t agree more with the President: The state of our union is strong.”

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